jack-1.9.8 released

JACK 1.9.8 is available for download!  I'm proud to have contributed a significant amount of code to this release of the JACK Audio Connection Kit, including:

  • A new MIDI queue system and driver model
  • A rewrite of the MIDI drivers for Windows (WinMME) and MacOSX (CoreMIDI)
  • A rewrite of the MIDI capabilities for the firewire driver on Linux (FFADO)
  • A new ALSA-based MIDI slave driver (alsarawmidi) for Linux, with a reported peak jitter as low as 60 microseconds
Check the release announcement for more details.


synthclone-0.1.9 released

synthclone-0.1.9 is available for download!  This release includes a sanity check for samples added to a session, and minor fixes to project files, including a fix from speps over at AUR that makes sure that `synthclone` builds against the correct version of `libsynthclone`.