synthclone-0.1.8 released

synthclone-0.1.8 is available for download.  This release fixes a couple bugs, including a bug that caused synthclone to crash when building a Hydrogen target with one or more empty samples.


synthclone-0.1.6 released + new tutorial for plugin developers

A new version of `synthclone` is available for download!  This release includes changes in the way `synthclone` is packaged and installed, including options to choose which components to install, a location change for API documentation, a `pkgconfig` file for plugin developers to retrieve compiler flags, and recommendations for packagers on how to best package `synthclone`.

Also, the first part of a tutorial on `synthclone` plugin development has been added to the wiki.  If you're interested in developing plugins for `synthclone`, then check it out and let me know what you think.



I've created this blog mostly to post releases and changes for open source projects I work on.  Right now, my focus is on synthclone, a program I wrote that captures audio from MIDI capable instruments and creates sample-based instruments that can be loaded by sampler software.

As I get more time, I also intend to post music that I work on, and show the parts of my Linux-based workflow that help me to make my music.

Stay tuned.